Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giaffes and gunkeys galore!

For those of you who don't speak Dillan, giaffe = giraffe and gunkey = monkey. So with that said, we went to the zoo! He absolutely loved it! I wish that we lived closer and were able to go more often. He talks about the animals all the time and loves to sit and look at the pictures over and over again. His favorite Baby Einstein movies are the ones with animals.
We had a fabulous time at the zoo last Thursday. Jeremy took Thursday and Friday off after his business trip and we went to Salt Lake for a few days and spent an "all Dillan weekend." We felt like he needed some time with Mom and Dad and to get out of the house for once. Logan winter's are bad and since we don't have a fenced yard it makes it even worse because I don't want to go out in the cold either. Plus with Grandma we don't get to go anywhere.

Thursday - Hogle Zoo, dinner with cousins at Carls Jr to play on the jungle gym.

Friday - Jungle Jim's Playland, lunch with Mom and Dad, dinner with Grandma Mary and fried green beans and noodles (TGIFridays).

Saturday - Murray Park, Swimming with Dad, and dinner with Mom and Dad at Firehouse while watching basketball.

We had so much fun. So I posted pictures galore. Hope you enjoy as much as we did. LOL! That isn't possible. We had a blast and you only get to see bits and pieces.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Missing Daddy...

Jeremy is in Calgary, for a Chem-Dry Convention, conducting some training. Dillan and I miss him so much. He left Saturday night and will be home Wednesday sometime. While he is gone I am going it alone with Dillan and Grandma. Sunday was exhausting. I don't know how I accomplished it without Jeremy. Good thing there are helping hands around that Dillan isn't afraid to go to while I help Grandma. Dillan was so upset that Jeremy left. He wanted to go with his dad so badly. He cried when I took him out of the suitcase, when Jeremy said goodbye, and when Jeremy walked out the door. Now all I hear is "Dada?" "Daddy?!?!" And if you ask him where is Daddy? He says, "I no know!" and throws his arms up in the air doing a shoulder shrug. It is so sad. But he will be home soon enough.

I promised I would post pictures of the beautiful flowers that I grew from a bulb. So, here you go. I am quite impressed with myself. This was the first time ever!

The next pic is of Dillan right before I put him down for a nap one day. He was watching Sesame Street and I went down to help with Grandma and this is how he was when I came back up. Poor kid was tuckered out.

These are Dill's water bottles. Yes, he has 2 of them. He loves them. I have to fill both of them at least once per day. It is good for him though. I can't complain if he wants to drink water all day long. It is a good habbit. One that I should probably have myself. He brings you the empty bottle and says, "More Mama, more wawa!" He follows you to the bathroom to fill it and then happily takes it and is on his way again. He even insists on taking it to the store sometimes and people look at me funny when they see this little boy drinking out of this little water jug. Hey, if it makes him happy then why not?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Akon,

I would like you to know that you have corrupted my son. As if it isn't enough that we hear your stupid song on the 20 on 20 every countdown for weeks now. I have to hear it all day long now. I hear it at the grocery store, the bank, the car, playing with toys, and in the bathtub.

I can't help but feel partly responsible since I am the one that listens to 20 on 20 while we shower each day, but that is beside the point. He doesn't sing other songs...just yours! Anytime it comes on he is obsessed and even when it isn't on he is still singing it by himself.

Please try to write a song that is worth listening to next time. And don't think that you were the first one to invent singing instead of rapping. I am sick of hearing that quote.

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where's the Purple Crayon?

This is what I discovered this morning after being down with Grandma for an hour.
I have searched everywhere for the purple crayon and I can't find it. So it is quite possible it could happen again when I go downstairs for Grandma again. I told Jeremy about it and he said, "Yah, I saw him holding a purple crayon this morning." That is when you take it away from him! I thought I had cleaned them all up, but I guess not.

He loves to color but cannot be trusted in the room alone with crayons. I have already cleaned the police car (twice), farm (twice), and carpet (who knows how many times). Now I get to scrub the wall in his room. Good thing they are washable.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Finally Getting Around to It

First off, this was totally lazy of me...but hey it happens to all of us sometime or another.

I put the registration sticker on the jeep today, let me also mention that I got the new sticker in October of 08 (sheepish smile). I have been carrying it around in the diaper bag for months now. Let me also mention that I have only filled the jeep with gas twice since we moved to Logan in October. One of those times was because I drove to Salt Lake for Christmas. I still have half a tank in it. Needless to say, I don't drive much. I don't get the chance to leave the house other than to grocery shop once a week.

Well, today I decided that I would make a quick trip to the bank to deposit a check so that I could pay some bills before Jeremy's paycheck comes on Friday. On my way home from the bank, I got pulled over. LOL The officer was super nice and Dillan loved it. I got a "fix it" ticket. I did think it was strange that he wouldn't let me put the sticker on right then and have him sign the form, but I guess it must be very dangerous to get out of the car on 2nd E in Logan. Go figure.

So now I have to make time more than 5 days, but less than 14 days from now to go down to the police station. I have to have an officer sign the stupid paper. Then I have to take it to the justice court and give it to them so I don't have a warrant for my arrest. My goodness!

So, that was my morning. If I had dropped Jeremy's zune off at his office before coming home I wouldn't be in this mess. I wouldn't have been on 2nd E to begin with. But, he said he didn't need it and I figured Grandma was home alone. So much for trying to get home. At least it won't cost me anything.

The other part to the story which I find very interesting is that he was concerned with the fact that I hadn't put the sticker on, but I had one....but he wasn't at all concerned with the fact that one of my brake lights is out. Whatever! Brake lights aren't important right? Stickers are very important. They must be living in a world where Dillan is King. Stickers are everything!