Monday, October 1, 2007

What a week!

My goodness, I don't ever want to go through another week like last week again! Dillan started to get sick on Sunday with a cold and slight fever. We pretty much just gave him tylenol and cold medicine and knew we could get through it. He picked it up from the sitter's house and the other kids.

Monday we attempted to celebrate Jeremy's birthday since we knew I had to work on Wednesday. He got a new skateboard though it rained that day and he didn't get to really use it. What a bummer! Dillan was still feeling yucky though he was a good sport as we drove around doing errands but by the evening was miserable. We checked his temperature again and it was over 103. When we called the doctor they wanted us to bring him in just in case. It ended up being just a really bad cold with a fever attached and we just needed to continue what we were doing. I started to not feel the greatest on Monday night.

Tuesday I decided to stay home from work to be with Dillan since his fever was still over 100. Jeremy did come home for a couple hours so that I could run into work to attend staff meeting where they announced me as a new TL! Yah, I am finally getting paid for the job I have been doing for months. But that is when the abdominal craps started. By Tuesday evening I felt horrible. Needless to say I was already spending a fair amount of time in the bathroom since Monday night. I didn't sleep or eat anything past staff meeting Tuesday afternoon. I figured I would be fine the next day and I could go back to work.

Wednesday was Jeremy's birthday and I was completely miserable. I didn't sleep or eat the night before and now not only was I going to the bathroom all the time, I was nauseous as well. Of course, I had not eaten anything in quite some time so instead of just throwing up, I would just go gag and nothing would come out. It was bad. Dillan was still running a slight temperature, but was feeling much better. You could tell because he had started to eat a little solid food again and would play on the floor and crawl around more like normal. Meanwhile, Jeremy is at work miserable because he develops a migraine. Happy Birthday to you! He managed to come home feeling okay, but not great. I felt so bad and the cramping had been going on for more than 24 hours now that I had him take me to instacare since we don't have a regular doctor in Ogden yet. They thought it was just a severe stomach virus and the bad news was that it would take at least 5 - 7 days to get over. We went from instacare to his parents for dinner, which I didn't eat...but Jeremy and Dillan loved. Since Dillan was feeling better he was crawling around the floor and came across somerat poison. We are sure where he found it, but his grandpa had put some out a couple days before but those peices were still where he put them. We don't know. We called poison control and they told us we needed Dillan's blood drawn to test his coagulating factor since the poison works like a blood thinner. So we made our way to the ER since they are the only facility that has a lab that can do the work as quickly as we needed it and it was already after 8pm. The ER is a story in itself. They got us in really fast and we thought that was great and we would be home soon, but then we realized that was not true. Dillan had to have his blood taken(have his heel pricked and milked basically). That was the easy part. He also had to drink charcoal to make sure that if he did ingest any rat poison that it wouldn't absorb into his blood. They mixed it with chocolate milk, but he would only drink an ounce. They decided that they would have to pump it into his stomach via tube through his nose. Three nurses tried to put the tube in several times. After the 4th try the gave up and called the NICU nurses to come do it. Dillan was highly upset by this time. The NICU brought a smaller tube and had a different approach which worked the first time thankfully. But, because the tube was smaller they had to dilute the charcoal with milk again in order to get it to go through. It was a black mess! Once that was done we thought we could leave, but no, they had to make sure he wasn't going to throw it up and wait for the blood tests. We got home around 1am.

Wedndesy night going into Thursday now...I started to develop blood when I went to the bathroom. Keep in mind, I still haven't slept of eaten anything since Tuesday at lunch, so all that isis coming out is blood really. I was feeling even worse...if that is possible. Thursday morning I went back to instacare for the blood concern. Now they are thinking that it is diverticulitis. UGH! I am too young for that. The best part is, they gave me a medication to help the nausea and vomitting, but one of the possible side effects on the warnings was nausea and vomitting! ARGH!!! I think it made me more sick so I stopped taking that, but continued to take the cramping medication and started taking an antibiotic. They never would give me anything for the paid (which was way worse than labor might I add). I wanted to just die. Jeremy thankfully stayed home from work to help with Dillan since I didn't do anything but moan and stay in the bathroom. Thursday evening Jeremy took Dillan back to the ER to have the 2nd blood test done. This time it only took 3 hours!

Friday my mom had the day off of work and volunteered to let us come to her house so that she could watch Dillan and help out with me while Jeremy worked from home for a few hours. Remember, I haven't slept or eaten anything still. So we go down there and Jeremy got in about a half day. I finally was able to get about an hour nap in on Friday afternoon. Still no food, but at least I slept. Then magically, late Friday evening I felt I was hungry. I had an egg and a small peice of toast which tasted so good after not eating all week. But, I shouldn't have done that because it made me feel horrible all over again! I took a pain killer and all my medication and fell asleep on the couch watching TV. I actually slept for a few hours. It was amazing.

Saturday I actually felt like eating breakfast. I started out slow because I didn't want the same thing to happen as Friday night. But I felt better. Amazingly, I was able to eat that and lunch. I even got up and showered and put on clean clothes. I was incredily weak and tired, but at least I was not gagging and in the bathroom constantly...frequently, but not constantly. Dillan and Jeremy made their last trip to the ER that morning for the last of the blood tests. Everything came out fine and it doesn't look like he ate any of the poison. My brother and his wife volunteered to take Dillan Saturday night and that gave us the night off.

Jeremy and I both slept in Sunday morning. I made it through the entire night! Dillan had a great time with his cousins and that gave us the chance to take a breather and regain some strenght. We spent Sunday afternoon at the Haddocks's in Ogden for dinner and family. Dillan still had a runny nose but it back to his chattery, crawling self again. I was feeling much better but get tired very easily. Luckily I have Monday off to get one more day before I head back to work.