Monday, September 15, 2008

Chargers vs. Broncos

I wish I had good news for Chargers fans, but I don't. I still think the game was definitely unfair. TWO fumbles should have gone San Diego's way, but the ref screwed up on one and there were"technical difficulties" with the other one that prevented a replay in the booth. Clearly the reply on TV showed it was a Charger ball. The ref error caused us the game in the last minute.

The good news is that Dillan sported his new Chargers gear for the game. He actually slept through almost the entire game, but as soon as he woke up we made sure to put his jersey on and root for the better of the two teams. Thank you to Uncle Ramiro and Auntie Sarah for sending us some good duds for Dillan.
It all started when I sent the following picture to my brother-in-law, an avid Chargers fan. He would not stand for his nephew to be in such awful clothing, so he made sure to go out and buy some good stuff right away and send it fedex so we had it for the game. Plus, mommy decided not to do laundry on purpose so that the shirt of the "team that shall not be named" was still dirty on sunday.
Jeremy went nuetral and didn't wear chargers or broncos stuff. I am slowly but surely converting him to the good side. He figured that he would like to see his home team win and go 2-0 for the season, but he really didn't want the Chargers to be 0-2, so he said he didn't care who won. He has been gracious and hasn't rubbed it in my face, or Ramiro's for that matter.

Utah State Fair

We drove down to Sandy Friday night to stay with my mom. We wanted to take Dillan to the fair so he could see the animals. We thought he might like that...and we were right. We saw all sorts of farm animals: pigs, sheep, goats, cows, steer and horses. I will let the pictures show for themselves. He absolutely loved petting the animals. He face would just light up as soon as his little hands felt something.

We also saw many other fun things at the fair. There were lots of booths with people selling things, lots of food stops, and of course lots of people. We walked through the craft halls and listened in on numerous food demonstrations as we walked past.

Jeremy had to have a funnel cake, because what would a fair be without a good funnel cake? He got it with Bavarian creme, chocolate topping, and whipped cream. We liked it, but it got to be too much at the end. Dillan really enjoyed it, but even he started to refuse to eat it half way through.
Overall we had a really great time and maybe next year we will be brave enough to let him have a pony ride rather than just pet the ponnies having a rest. It was nice to get out, walk aimlessly, and enjoy the company of my mom as well.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Harris Research, Inc. sponsored a JDRF (juvenille diabetes research fund) 5K walk on Saturday up in Logan. The whole company was given shirts and all the families showed up to walk it. The funny part about it is that HRI had shirts printed for their employees and families, but the printer screwed up and printed some of the logos opposite of what they should be (ie. the back logo on the front and the front on the back). Then some of them had double logos (ie. the back logo on the front and back). Then, they ran out of the shirt color and just started printing them on any color blue they could get. It was pretty funny, but no one seemed to care that much.

Some people also brought their dogs with them. Dillan loves dogs! He just thinks they are the greatest thing ever. Good thing all our neighbors have nice dogs. He gets his fill that way and I don't have to clean up after it.
Dillan happily rode in the stroller the entire time and munched on treats they had at the beginning, end, and half-way points. With a quick stop at the park for some swings and then back in the car to go home we had a pretty good morning.
I don't have pictures to show it, I should have thought about that, but Saturday night the branch had an International Night at the church. Even thought our records aren't technically in the branch we still got invited since I play the organ for them every Sunday in sacrament meeting. I am so glad that we went. It was supposed to start at 6...which if you have hispanic friends you know really means 7. "It starts at 6, that is 7 branch time" is what the high council rep told me.

The food was amazing! They had people representing several countries, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Aregentina, and Colombia. Tons of food, lots of music, and tons of people equal a really good time.

We learned that Dillan can eat corn on the cobb or elote. After each bite he would look at me and say, "Mmmmm!" It was so dang cute. The members of the branch thought he was a hoot because he would get up and dance like crazy and then when each song would end he would clap because he thought it was the proper thing to do. He just wandered around the gym with the other little kids. We love the branch and even thought I don't speak fluent spanish I really enjoy going. There is definitely a spirit about their meetings that I don't get in our ward.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Colorado Balloon Classic

For the holiday weekend Jeremy, Dillan, and I...along with Jeremy's family went to the Balloon Classic in Colorado Springs, CO. It is kind of a tradition for his family since that is where they are from (for the most part). It was a super long drive, 12 hours there and 10 hours back. It isn't something that I would want do all the time. Dillan was a great traveller for the most part.

We had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast both mornings we went to see the balloons. Dillan enjoyed the sugar rush for the morning. On Monday, he ate almost a full donut and then hung out for a while. The rest of us ate all the donuts and about an hour later he found a donut box and pulled it down and was checking to see if there were any left. To his dismay, there wasn't. He was sure he would find something in that box. Once he realized he wasn't going to find anything he put the box on the grass and started to step on it. The pictures were funny, but watching the whole process was hilarious.

The balloons were great. The weather was decent so they actually flew in the sky. They said there were 73 balloons there this year. It was pretty cool on Saturday, but Monday was kind of a bust since not very many went up due to weather conditions. Dillan loved to see them up close. You were actually on the grass with the balloons and could touch them blowing up and see everything first hand up close. At first the loud noise of the fire and hot air blowing into the balloon scared Dillan, but he realized what it was and then was mezmorized by it. He just wanted someone to walk him all over and see all the balloons, or boons as he calls them.

Dillan was fun to watch through the whole thing. He would wonder from balloon to balloon and then when one would start to take off he would hurry over to that balloon and stand under it as it flew up.

Seeing all his cousins was fun too. At one point a reporter came up and asked Jeremy what was going on because he noticed all the red heads and wanted to know if we were from around there. We told him we were from all over and met here every year for the balloons. There were 7 red heads there that morning...and that isn't even all of them. We had Jeremy, Dillan, Allison, Cassie, Tracie, Lindsey, and Tanner. We were missing Clara, Calvin, and Mason.

We took a small car trip to Garden of the Gods. It reminds me of somewhere in Moab with all the red and dark green vegitation. There were hiking trails and lookouts. Also reminded me of driving through Arches....similar scenery, but without the arches of course. It is strange because it is right in the middle of the city.

We got to see Jeremy's best friend Kyle, and his fiance and new baby. Aubrey is sooo cute and tiny. She is smaller at 6 weeks than Dillan was when he was born (not to mention he was 2 weeks early!). We stayed with them one night and Dillan showed off his "skills" to Uncle Kyle and Aunt Beth.

The trip was short for how long the drive was. It was nice to get out, but I still can't get over the drive. We shall see what happens next year.