Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Long time no Post!

Okay, so I am really sorry to all those who get a kick out of reading our blog. I just can't find the time or energy to do it consistently right now. Let me give everyone an update on what has been going on the last few months and you might understand why.

No, we are not living in Logan....YET. The house still has not sold. The market is slower than a snail right now. We have high hopes that this fall things will pick up. In the mean time Jeremy is still commuting to work every day, 90 miles. So, with gas prices above $4 a gallon you can only imagine what that does to our bank account. We figured it out this week and it costs an average of $12.50 per day to get to work and back just for him.

The good news is that Jeremy loves his job and we are glad that we made the decision to accept it. Once the house sells and we move things will be a lot more easy going. In fact, Jeremy's boss is giving him some options as far as helping out until the move happens. The issued him a cell phone and wireless connection for his laptop and told him to try working for home a couple days a week. Then if he wants he can try and work 4 ten hour days for a few weeks and see which one works better until we are in Logan permanently. I thought that was really nice of the company to take the innitiative to come to Jeremy about it knowing that it was costing a fortune to come to work. I guess that means that they like him enough to keep him around and not make him want to quit due to the commute. We will see how the new schedule goes.

I am still at Convergys, ugh, until the house sells. I am doing recruiting and I like the idea of recruiting, but the office I work in is not the greatest environment. Some people are really hard to work they have bad attitudes, treat me and others like crap, and there is way to much back biting. I can't wait until I can quit and be in Logan. I am drained by the time I get home from work and by the time we Dillan in the bath at 7:30 and in bed at 8, I am in bed too.

Dillan is doing amazing through the whole process. He loves the day care we use and Jeremy and I can't complain with it at all. That has been the one thing we can rely on to always work out. He enjoys it there, but that doesn't mean he isn't ready for Mommy to pick him up and go home at the end of the day. We try to spend some time outside each evening, which is Dillan's favorite place to be. He will literally scream and throw a fit when you bring him back in or shut a door before he can escape to the outside world. Then, on Friday evenings we like to head the the TreeHouse Museum. If you have kids and haven't been need to. It is ten times cheaper than Discovery Gateway and tons less crowded. They stay open late Friday evenings for Alphabet Soup night. Check it out! It is right inbetween the Ogden Temple and the new movie theater/sports complex downtown Ogden on 22nd.

Dillan continues to amaze us. He is still a skinny peanut with a giant head. The doctor is impressed by his verbal skills and dexterity with his hands and arms. He was vacinated for the Chicken Pox...hallelujiah we won't have to deal with that, fingers crossed. We love the little guy and he continues to be super sweet and happy go lucky.

I will try and keep posting more often, but the never ending cleaning of the house each and every day, work full time, and an 18 month old curious little boy keeps me pretty busy. Love you guys!