Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Monday

Most people think that Mondays are bad...sometimes they are. Yesterday was a good Monday for me. That doesn't mean that things went perfectly, it just means that some good things happened and far outweigh the bad things.

For starters! Dillan was so dang cute in the tub. He is cute a lot, but I had to catch the phrase of the week on video. He thinks it is very funny that Grandma wears a shower cap and that once in a while when I don't want to dry my hair that I put one on too. He puts mine on and giggles.

Secondly...wait for it...wait for it... I found my wedding ring!!! YEAH!!! Dillan had taken it off my nightstand over a month ago and I found all of the small bands, but couldn't find the diamond. With some encouragement, and a spare purchased by my mother, I stopped the frantic week long search and figured it would turn up when we moved out. I knew it was in the house somewhere. But, Dillan took the replacement off my nightstand yesterday and again I only found all the small bands.

"Where are Mommy's rings Dill?"
"I don't know!" is all he could respond with.

Lesson learned, twice, that if I take them off at night to put them on the dresser and not the nightstand. I was searching for the replacement and came across the original ring tucked between the mattress, the bed rail, and the slats of the bed base. I did find the replacement in the toys later in the day as well.

I don't know what I would have done if it didn't show up. The ring means too much to me to have given up hope of finding it. The ring was my grandmother's and they don't cut diamonds like it anymore. There was no way to replace the ring itself or the memories that it holds for me. Engraved by my grandfather for his dear wife and then passed on to me...I love you Grandma and Grandpa.

Lastly! Dillan discovered a new love. Not recently discovered, but discovered again I should say. He really enjoys bubbles, but what little kid doesn't right? I found this simple bubble kit at walmart that has bubble blowers that he actually can use. The wands are just not for a 2 year old. But he knows how to blow a whistle so giving him something to put in his mouth was the best option. We have already been through 6 oz of bubble solution. Who knows what we will use today, he has already begged to go outside to do bubbles at 9am.

Jeremy has new buyer trainings this week, so we won't see much of him. But even though I had to do the Monday by myself it really wasn't bad.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Most people who know us well know that we go out on Friday nights, thanks to Mom and Dad Haddock that come up to stay with Grandma and Dillan for the evening for us. We definitely appreciate the hour drive that they make (one way) to help us out.

This Friday we didn't have any plans, but things kind of went along spur of the moment which is fun sometimes. We called a friend, Brandon, and met him at a Chilean restaurant called Yah Poh! It was pretty good. Jeremy and I were both stuffed to the max walking out.

Jeremy's sandwich was HUGE! It was bigger than the palm of my hand spread out (and I have large hands for a girl). I put his fork over the top of it and the diameter was bigger than the length of a dinner fork! I got the "small" sandwich and only ate half of it.

Dillan stayed at home with Grandma Great, Grandma, and Grandpa. They stayed out back and planted lots of flowers for Mother's Day. Grandma Alta enjoyed being outside and seeing all the colors and of course Dillan thinks being outside is a blast. He played with the sidewalk crayons again. Even Grandma Alta thought that was great and made us take pictures of our drawings.

Then when we got home, about 8:30, Dillan came upstairs and grabbed his blanket out of the crib and layed down on the couch and asked for Blues Clues. I love the fact that he tells me when he is tired now. He is pretty consistent on times too. Routine, routine, routine is all I can say.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sidewalk Crayons!

You can probably guess what he means by the pictures. We have had fun the last couple of days drawing on the sidewalk out back. And then the rain washes parts of it away and we play again.


I thought I would post some random pictures that we have taken over the last couple weeks. Enjoy!
Dillan likes to play with blocks. He is a pretty good stacker and then of course loves to knock them down and start again.

Jeremy took Dillan to Animal Days at the Heritage Farm. It was cancelled due to rain that saturday, but they stayed and walked around anyway and saw a few animals.

I think one of Dill's favorite foods has become ice cream. He says, "Ice cream cone momma, tonight!" He loves it. Sometimes it is messier than others, but it always tastes good. Ohh, yummy, cookie fudge!
Jeremy took Dillan on a bike ride the other night. I though they were going to "see the temple" because that is what Dill requested. Then I got a picture message with this...

I guess they made it up to campus and then when Jeremy asked him if he was ready to go home Dillan responded with, "No! See the temple!" So they had to make a trip by there on the way home.
Jeremy mowed the lawn on Monday and while he was edging it, Dillan came in the house with this pretty flower for me. It was so dang cute because he held it up, with both hands, to me while I was washing dishes and said, "Flower Momma!" with the biggest smile on his face. He was so proud.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Soccer Ball

I finally was able to get the soccer video up and going. I don't know what the issue was. This is actually a new video I had to redo. Anyway, enjoy the skills of Mr Dillan. He is really funny when he rears up to give it a good kick. It is like a golf swing with his leg...all the way back and then swoosh!