Monday, October 25, 2010

When Zombies Attack!

One of Dillan's favorite things to do is play computer games. It started with Mom...went to Grandma...and now to Dillan. Has anyone every heard of Plants vs. Zombies? We just can't get enough of that dang game! Such a time waster, but oh so much fun.

Well, the updated version allows you to create your own zombies. Dillan has a knack for it. It automatically saves a jpg image to the desktop any time someone creates one and saves it. Sometimes I come in and the whole desktop is full. I have to delete them frequently. His favorite happens to be a pirate zombie he created in the very beginning. But today I managed to find the picture below on the desktop when I sat down to check email. I think he might be a little excited for Christmas.
Not only did he do his very best at making the colors the way they should and doing the best with what stuff is loaded into the program (the baseball hat instead of a Santa hat), but he says all day long "Santa comes when it snows." or "I will ask for this for Christmas (showing a picture/ad/commercial)" or "I want this from Santa." It is never ending! Santa has some pretty big orders to fill this year. So, now we have a santa zombie in our game.
I probably should also mention that Dillan will randoming come at you walking like the zombies in the game all slow and stalkerish and say, "They're coming." or "Brains!" The kid is obsessed....but then we know where he gets that from.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun with Grandma Mary

Jeremy was out of town pretty much the whole Dillan and I took a trip to Grandma's house to enjoy some time with her (really, to give myself another person to help with Dillan...I am really sick of the single parent thing). It was nice because my mom had time off of subbing because of UEA. We didn't really do a whole lot, but we tried to do one thing each day to get out of the house.

Tuesday we dropped Jeremy off at the airport in the morning. We hung out all afternoon and did nothing the rest of the day. Wednesday we headed to the mall and rode the escalators! This of course is the highlight of Dillan's mall trips. He loves them so much. He elected to ride the escalator instead of the carousel or the train. Okay by me...because the escalator is FREE!

Thursday we went and saw Toy Story 3...again. Dillan is in love with all things Toy Story and this was the 3rd time he had seen it. Dollar theaters are great for little ones. Give him a water bottle and a bag of popcorn and he is set! Thursday night I had a get together with some friends for a card club done by my wonderful friend, Laura Widdison (we went to high school together and were in the same ward).

Friday was spent hanging around the house again. We did meet Clint and Carrie for lunch. It was so nice to see had been way too long! We ran a couple errands and spent the evening at home.

Saturday we decided to have a grand adventure. Grandma, Dillan, and I rode the Trax Train from Sandy to Gateway and trolled the mall, played in the fountain, had lunch, and went to the Planetarium. Dillan really wanted to go to the Children's Museum, but I didn't want to pay the price for just an hour of play. Another day my love, another day. We did that last time we stayed at my moms and it was a hit. We jumped on the train to head home and he requested that we stop at Temple Square to see the "really big temple." We toured the tabernacle and walked the grounds leisurely. It was nice. Then caught the train again home.

Jeremy's flight came in about 9pm and Dillan was so excited to see his daddy. Only problem is that he fell asleep half way to the airport. Ehh, what can you do. The drive home was uneventful and nice to chat with Jeremy without Dillan asking a million questions.

Overall, it was a good week, but I am so glad to have Jeremy home. I wears me out to watch Dillan all by myself day in and day out. I need that repreeve at 5pm each day! lol

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sheepishly posting...

I titled this post that because it has been so long since I have done anything. I keep up with my Stampin' Up! blog, Stampin' Martha, but I fall behind on personal stuff now. I get caught up in the hussle and bussle of life and then forget about the cute pictures I have taken and the great things we have done until it is well past time to share then and figure, "heck, it has been this long, it can wait a little longer." And then it never gets done of course. So here we go!

Dillan started preschool this year. He is LOVING it! He begs to go to school and if we could, we would let him go all day long. But, he is only 3 and since his birthday falls right after Christmas he will get 2 years of preschool before Kindergarten. Next year we are hoping to get him in preschool more frequently and he is so excited about it.
Jeremy is still busy working for Harris Research in the Chem-Dry training department. He is liking his job and we, of course, love living in Cache Valley still.
As for me... I am busy being a mom, Stampin' Up! demo, and a normal person (at least trying). I can't really ever be normal.
I watched my brother's kids this weekend... um, lets just leave it at I probably won't ever do that again and made a hasty decision on the drive home last night that I didn't want more kids. Jeremy just laughed at that. Dillan had fun when his older cousin wasn't chasing him around the house with a cork gun. I did get to see my mom for a few hours, so that was nice. No one should ever have to be subjected to 1pm church I have decided. I am so grateful that our branch will never change times and that as odd as it sounds, after having 1pm church for a week, 10:20 doesn't sound all that bad anymore.
We are getting ready to pack up again. Jeremy leaves for a business trip to Alabama on Tuesday morning and won't be back until Saturday. Since it is UEA, I am pulling Dillan out of school for Wednesday and we will take Jeremy to the airport and stay with my mom all week. I just can't do the single parent thing for more than a couple days. I don't know how people do it. I think I realize now, that watching Jeremy's Grandma for a year with hardly any help really broke my spirit and now I have far less patience than ever before. I don't think that I will ever fully be the person that I was before (which I rather enjoyed). I am working on my attitude towards life, but I am still bitter and cinical towards many things....and that bothers me. If I notice it in myself, I wonder what other people think??
Anywho... If you haven't noticed already, I am just randomly putting pictures in this post of the last month or so. Maybe the next post will actually have a story behind it. I am going to start fresh and move forward from here. I won't try to catch up...because that would just be over whelming.