Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exciting News!

I just thought I would get a post up about the job situation. We found out last week that Jeremy was still being considered and was asked to do a presentation for some people in the company to assess his presentation skills (that will be 25% of the job). He did his presentation on how to build a paper airplane and everyone thought it was great and they all had fun. On Friday we found out that he was one of 2 people considered still after that round. We really had a hard time not getting our hopes up. Good news is that Monday morning he was offered the job and we accepted! We are going back to Logan. It is crazy to think about, but we are really happy. It just seems silly to move to Ogden, buy a house, and then 9 months later, sell the house and move back to where we came from. The only thing is that we thought we would be here for a while. We didn't expect anything like this to come our way, so how could we have known? Here is a great picture of the airplane Jeremy taught them to make.

Now for some random updates on Dillan. We have had a rough week. Dillan started throwing up Friday night. We thought it was a 24 hour bug because there was no fever, normal diapers, and he was keeping down fluids just not solids. We switched him to a liquid diet for 48 hours and Sunday night he did actually start eating solids a little, and kept them down. But, Saturday night he woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever and his voice was hoarse. By Sunday afternoon we had a horrible cough along with it. We put him to bed Sunday night and he woke up at midnight crying and coughing. I was up all night with him. Luckily he slept in my arms, but if I tried to be anywhere but the glider he whined. Long night for Mama.

We took him to Kids Care (his doctor was the one on call that night so we were lucky) and they suctioned his nose out, tested him for RSV, and did all sorts of things to him. Diagnosis is that he has bronchialitis...which, fun for us take 7 - 10 days to get over. It is bitter sweet to not have to go to work for an entire week, but my heart breaks for him. Every time he coughs he whines because it hurts. They gave us a prescription for a suction machine for his nose here at home. They are bringing it by this morning. On the bright side...he is cuddling like crazy which he never really did before. I enjoy that.

The day care did these cute tiles for the parents for valentines day. It is adorable. We really like the new day care a lot.
We got a annual pass to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. It is super affordable and we really enjoy being able to go for just an hour and not feeling bad about paying admission. We have gone several times already and Dillan really enjoys being able to roam and play as he pleases. I highly suggest it to anyone around the area. These are pictures of Jeremy as president in the oval office and Dillan on the big chess set.

This is documentation of the monthly ritual that is hair cuts for both boys. We do Dillan's and then bathe him and put him to bed and then Jeremy does his. They both need cuts every 4 - 6 weeks.
Dillan has learned how to drink out of a juice box! Straws in general now are easy for him. We had him almost completely switched to sippy cups and straws until he got sick this week. The day care helps out with that. They don't give him a bottle unless absolutely needed. He had been drinking out of a sippy cup really well since 7 months, but he wouldn't take anything except water out of it. We tried milk and juice and no luck. But the day care didn't give him an option so he transistioned fast.
And last but certainly not least...these are funny pictures of him chillin' in his pool/hot tub float. He was watching Baby Einstein and having a great time. Really cute!