Thursday, October 30, 2008

Moving Back to Logan

Just an FYI for anyone who cares:

Last week Martha and I began the process of moving back to Logan. I have been working there since March. We have not sold the house yet but my grandma (91) fell the previous week and so we have decided to move in with her for a while. This will allow Martha to stay at home with Dillan and Grandma while I work. It will allow Grandma to not have to go to a nursing home and be able to stay in the house where she is comfortable. We are moving in the upstairs. It also eliminates the daily commute for me which I have been loving. Martha quit her job and she has been here in Logan full time since last Wednesday.

Yesterday, we finally got an offer on the house. It was not a very strong offer, so we countered back. We should hear back today to see what happens. Hopefully, it will all work out. I'll try to keep you all posted.