Thursday, February 11, 2010

I okay!

Seriously, where does he get his energy? He did this several times and I was only able to find my phone for this one before he gave up and went to basketball shooting again.

For those of you who don't know, I watch an 8mo old baby girl each afternoon. Isabella's (Izzy for short) parents both work and there is a few hours of overlap between when mom goes in and dad comes home. She is adorable! So no, we didn't have another baby but we do have baby stuff around because of her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun times

We have had some good times in the last few weeks. Here is a snippet of what we have done that seems fun to us...though not necessarily for everyone.

Dillan LOVES to visit Grandma Mary! We headed to the mall to have Jay's phone fixed one morning and Grandma suggested he take a ride on the carousel. Complete enjoyment for sure.

"I want to play with marbles!" is a phrase that we hear every day. Dillan got a marble set for his birthday and really likes it. He will let you put it together, but the entire time he will continually drop marbles from the highest point you have so far. It isn't too bad because then I know if I have skipped something...because you have to have more than one track running at the same time.

Dillan is a problem solver for sure! I hate to admit that he got it from me. I know it shouldn't be a bad thing, but when he gets into everything and doesn't ask for help with is rough. This includes putting his own DVDs in, getting food out of the fridge, turning lights on and off, and much much more. Thank goodness he hasn't figured out the child locks on the exterior doors yet. I got out of the shower yesterday and he handed me an orange, already peeled by himself. I was impressed, but he left a mess.

Jeremy visited a lot of places on his last training trip for Chem-Dry. Columbus, Baltimore, Newark, and Boston. I was so jealous when he kept sending me pictures of New York City and all the places I really wanted to go. He visited the Empire State Building, Trump Tower, Central Park, Times Square, Rockafellar Center, Broadway, Macey's, and several more.

Of course Dillan can't have a day without playing basketball. He has resorted to using the JJCole storage boxes as ball hoops inside the house when I won't let him go outside. He plays constantly. Last friday the Aggies played Nevada and we never heard the end of "I want to go to the game!" The kid has a 6th sense when it comes to knowing there is an Aggie game in town. So after watching sports center highlights a few days earlier we decided to TIVO the friday game and just save it so he can watch "the game" anytime he wants. We watch it daily. Good thing the Aggies won or he wouldn't be watching anything. The child that requests to go to bed no later than 8pm every night said he had to stay up and watch the Aggie game. He played right along with them and finally asked to go to bed with about 1 minute left in the game. He is starting to do spin moves now!