Monday, November 15, 2010


So it has been a few weeks, but still...everyone wants to see Dillan's cute giraffe costume right?? Okay folks! I introduce for your viewing pleasure... Dillan the Giraffe!

He picked it out himself. When we did went to the store and picked one he told me, "I like the giraffe because it is big and me!" How cute is that?? An for sure people gave him way more candy than I noticed them giving to others. Good and bad if you ask me.

We celebrated Halloween on Friday morning with his preschool party, Friday day at Harris Research (Jeremy's office), Friday night at the ward Trunk or Treat, Saturday evening at the Donaldson home (the CEO of Jeremy's company), and Saturday evening trick or treating Quail Way up on Cliffside (full size candy to boot!).
We ended up with too much candy, but had a great time. Dillan loved it and is still taking rations from us on the candy. His favorite item collected was the bag of popcorn. The kid loves the stuff!

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Marie said...

It's never too late to see a darling giraffe!