Monday, October 25, 2010

When Zombies Attack!

One of Dillan's favorite things to do is play computer games. It started with Mom...went to Grandma...and now to Dillan. Has anyone every heard of Plants vs. Zombies? We just can't get enough of that dang game! Such a time waster, but oh so much fun.

Well, the updated version allows you to create your own zombies. Dillan has a knack for it. It automatically saves a jpg image to the desktop any time someone creates one and saves it. Sometimes I come in and the whole desktop is full. I have to delete them frequently. His favorite happens to be a pirate zombie he created in the very beginning. But today I managed to find the picture below on the desktop when I sat down to check email. I think he might be a little excited for Christmas.
Not only did he do his very best at making the colors the way they should and doing the best with what stuff is loaded into the program (the baseball hat instead of a Santa hat), but he says all day long "Santa comes when it snows." or "I will ask for this for Christmas (showing a picture/ad/commercial)" or "I want this from Santa." It is never ending! Santa has some pretty big orders to fill this year. So, now we have a santa zombie in our game.
I probably should also mention that Dillan will randoming come at you walking like the zombies in the game all slow and stalkerish and say, "They're coming." or "Brains!" The kid is obsessed....but then we know where he gets that from.

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Eglefino said...

I made the Santa zombie.