Monday, November 15, 2010

The gator is alive and tearing up the neighborhood...

When we moved back into our house last October Dillan was fascinated with the temple gardeners and all their cool toys. The temple has 3 full sized Gators they drive around all over the place. Dillan decided that he wanted one....who doesn't right?? So last year Santa found a paractically new one online for less than half the cost! Woo Hoo! He loved it when he found it Christmas morning and drove it around my mom's house with his cousin for a long time. Only problem was that the Powerwheels gator is large and HEAVY for a 3 year old. He knew how it worked and could get it to go, but the entire thing was so heavy he couldn't turn the wheel to steel. Bummer! So you had to walk right next to him to turn it every so often.

Well, it sat for several months and finally made its reappearance this summer/fall. He drives it a lot now, now that he can finally turn it himself. He thinks it is great stuff. He will drive all over the yard, the Kerr's yard (the temple president), and around the corner house on the sidewalk and back. It has been loads of fun.
We learned last week that the gardeners think it is awesome! The were working on the temple gardens on the far end of the street and Dillan had "conveniently" left the gator parked on the grass at the Kerr's house. The gardeners admitted that they looked, did a double take, and even asked each other who left the gator parked all the way down there??? LOL Then another day when it was in our front yard one turned to the other and said, "When did we buy another gator?" This made us laugh hysterically. The drove over last week and compared the two side by side and were very impressed. They thought it was extremely lifelike. Thats the point right?? Awesome!
So Dillan rides it by himself, takes Izzy for rides in it, and carries tools around in the back..."just like the gardeners do!" Makes me wish I had one when I was little, but I survived.

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