Wednesday, December 1, 2010

storms, couch forts, and a wedding oh my!

The first snow storm of the year came a few weeks ago and Dillan and Jeremy had to run out and build a snowman. The poor snowman is now drooping and has no head, but more snow keeps piling up on top of him anyway. Dillan was so proud of himself. This has been the first year that he has actually helped make the snowman. Other years he has been more of a hinderance than a help. He is growing up!

My mom came to spend Thanksgiving with us and since it was single digits or below zero the whole time she was here...we stayed inside a lot. Dillan decided one day to make a fort out of blankets. It was ever so convenient that our legs helped give support to the blankets. He did this all by himself.

Jeremy's little sister got married the week of Thanksgiving! Cassie and Ryan make such a sweet little couple and we are proud of them. Doing it over Thanksgiving made for some interesting situations of course...since holidays aren't stressful and busy enough right?? Plus, the forcast was announced for a huge blizzard. Thats right folks...a blizzard on her wedding day! This of course wouldn't have been too bad had the wedding and reception even been remotely close to one another. They were sealed here in Logan (in the same sealing room as Jeremy and me). The reception was in Murray at Wheeler Farm. All reports said that snow was going to hit hard by 3pm. The wedding was at noon. Hmmm, that was cutting it close. But we all got out of the valley on our way to Salt Lake by 2:30 so we missed the worst of it. But by the time we got to Salt Lake it was coming down! Jeremy ended up needing to get back to Logan Tuesday night so he could be to work at 8am Wednesday morning...long slow drive is all I have to say. He finally got home after midnight. The wedding was good and there were no major all was well. Congrats to Ryan and Cassie.

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